Sports Law is not one defined area of law – it covers a wide range of disciplines which can be found across a broad spectrum of legal specialisms. Edwards and Co. is uniquely placed to offer sports clients a comprehensive service across each of those specialisms.

Our expertise starts with Paul Lenehan’s specialist skills which are grounded in his Masters Degree in Sports Law and Practice. This specialised qualification has allowed us to adapt our services to meet the very particular needs of sports clubs, governing bodies, participants and volunteers, be it in the professional or amateur sphere of sport.

Beyond Paul’s specialism we have a team of highly skilled solicitors in all of the areas that fall under the Sports Law umbrella. Whether the issue is regulatory or commercial in nature, Edwards & Co are perfectly placed to offer tailored advice to meet the unique needs of our sports clients. This is demonstrated in our Chambers ranked Charity department, whose specialism in the third sector is unrivalled in advising in matters of sports governance, an area which is critical to the operation of so many amateur sports club and bodies. It can also be seen in our commercial sports practice, through representing a major satellite broadcaster in the protection and enforcement of their sporting intellectual property and television rights.

Our Sports Law services include:

1. Contracts and sponsorship.

2. Brand management and rights protection.

3. Data protection and GDPR.

4. Employment.

5. Property and licensing.

6. Sport litigation/mediation/dispute resolution.

7. Regulation and Governance.

8. Charity status or CASC status.

9. Discipline, anti-doping and participation.

10. Child protection.

11. Registration of Clubs .

Our boutique service allows for quick, flexible and cost effective advice. If you have any sports law queries please contact Paul Lenehan using the form below:

For any enquiries about this service please contact us using the form below.