If you are buying or selling residential property, Edwards & Company Solicitors in Belfast can lead you smoothly through the process by offering expert advice and guidance on all Conveyancing issues.

Why should you choose Edwards & Co:

  • Speed – At Edwards & Co all correspondence is dealt with same day as received. This in turn cuts out unnecessary delay with your transaction
  • Simplicity – We will explain your transaction without using legal jargon
  • Accessibility – We will respond to all queries within 24 hours and can arrange to facilitate out of hours consultations
  • Communication – We can conduct your transaction by email and telephone to speed up the process
  • Teamwork – Our team has over 30 years of experience in Conveyancing and we work closely together. If one of our team is away your case will not face delay as a result.
  • Value – All that glitters isn’t gold. In 95% of our completed cases our professional fees quoted will be the fee you will pay at the end of your transaction. Some solicitors charge “extra” fee’s for work we carry out as a normal part of your conveyancing.

At Edwards & Co we strive to deliver high quality legal advice, representation & problem solving to our clients in a caring, professional way.

For any enquiries about this service please contact us using the form below.