In business disputes are inevitable. Such disputes can take many different forms and can involve a broad spectrum of persons and entities that your business comes into contact with. A business may find itself in a contractual dispute with a supplier or a competitor. Alternatively, the dispute may be internal, relating to issues such the role of a director or shareholder rights. Regardless of the nature of the dispute, Edwards and Co is here to help.

At Edwards and Co we have a dedicated team to look after any type of commercial dispute that your business may face. Our dispute resolution team will look for practical and commercial solutions to whatever your dispute may be.

Resolving disputes in court is sometimes a necessity. However, we do not assume that court is inevitable and in providing advice, we will consider a comprehensive range of options to enable us to achieve the right outcome for your business.

One of those options is mediation. Mediation is a highly affordable, quick, efficient and constructive way of resolving disputes. It should be every business owner’s first resort.

We also provide a tailored service for small businesses with fixed affordable fees that are proportionate to the business and the amounts involved in the dispute.

For any enquiries about this service please contact Sarah Burrows using the form below.