How long have you worked in Edwards & Company?

I joined Edwards & Co in February 2020. I previously spent almost a decade in practice in Manchester and returned to Belfast a few years ago.

Do you specialise in any particular area?

Most of my practice in this jurisdiction and in England has revolved around litigation. I have experience representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants across a range of personal injury and medical negligence matters. Whether acting for an individual client or large insurers and businesses, establishing a clear understanding of the client’s objectives and communicating to them where that sits in a legal framework has been key to achieving results.

What do you like about what you do?

Interacting with clients. Litigation can be stressful and clients can often feel intimidated by the process. It is vital that clients can trust me as their solicitor and have confidence in my advice, which is why I think it is so important to build strong relationships and encourage communication.
I also really enjoy litigation. Facts may be similar when dealing with disputes, but each case is different and from a practitioner’s point of view it is gratifying to take a matter from initial instruction to final settlement or trial.

What’s the best case you’ve ever worked on?

Working on serious injury cases where the injuries are life changing can be rewarding and professionally challenging. However, in general the best cases to work on, regardless of the circumstances giving rise to them, are those where you know you have made a positive impact and, quite simply, have helped the client get the result they wanted.

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