How long have you worked in Edwards & Company?

I joined Edwards and Co as a paralegal in August 2009. I was made an apprentice of the firm in 2011 and qualified as a solicitor in 2013.

Do you specialise in any particular area?

I started my professional career in our extremely busy litigation department where I gained extensive experience with Noise Induced Hearing Loss cases at High Court and County Court level. I now specialise in accident at work, industrial injury benefits, ill health retirement and injury on duty award pensions. I also practice in Judicial Review and have provided representation at various Tribunals. I have represented clients at PACE interviews as well as Magistrates' Court and Crown Court proceedings.

What do you like about what you do?

In many cases people turn to solicitors when they are facing a problem they cannot overcome on their own. I enjoy being able to apply my legal knowledge and experience to help clients find a solution to what can often be a distressing situation. For others, they turn to solicitors for advice and guidance when they don’t know what to do. It can be equally rewarding to give sound advice and guidance to clients. Often this clarity can help clients move on with their lives.

What’s the best case you’ve ever worked on?

Clearly not all cases are alike and some are more high profile than others. Looking back at my career there have been many cases I have enjoyed working on and have been delighted with the outcome. However, the best cases, the ones which really stick in my mind, are the ones which have really made a life changing difference to my clients.

Ben Hogan once said, ‘The most important shot in golf is the next one.’ You may wonder why I have now started talking about golf, but in many respects I think the same sentiment is also true of the legal profession. It’s great to look back and have fond memories of cases you have worked on, but in such a fast paced profession the most important case is your next one…it will be the best one!

What Raymond’s clients say about him:

“Par Excellance”
“Professional yet friendly and accommodating”
“I have found your services first class in all respects and would not hesitate to use your services at any time. I think your services are excellent”
“Service was first class and I was always made to feel at ease”


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