In 2012 Bowel Cancer UK became our first Charity of the year, although we had actively supported charities, in particular Out of Afrika for some years, the concept of supporting a specific charity each year, selected by our staff resulted in BCUK being chosen. Whilst our initial enthusiasm for the Charity arose from the death of our Senior Partners close friend Rosi Kirker who from her diagnosis to her all too early death raised over £60,000 for BCUK and was very much our inspiration. However, this year having attended a Bowel Cancer UK awareness talk in our office we were so aware of the devastating effects of this disease on the entire community of Northern Ireland.

Bowel cancer is Northern Ireland’s second biggest cancer killer. Around 1,100 men and women are diagnosed with bowel cancer every year in Northern Ireland, and 400 people die from the disease.

If diagnosed at the earliest stage, bowel cancer is highly treatable, with a survival rate of more than 93% over five years. However, poor awareness means that only 1 in 10 cases are detected at an early stage which often means it is too late to be treated. Northern Ireland can lead the way in driving towards reducing the number of people who die from bowel cancer and ensure that everyone affected has a positive experience of treatment and care.

Currently too many are being diagnosed late when treatment is harder and too many lives are needlessly being lost from this treatable disease. So the call from the charity to help raise awareness of bowel cancer, improve the quality of life of those affected and, ultimately, reduce deaths among men and women from the second most common cause of cancer death in NI could simply not be ignored.

So after all that we are delighted to announce that our charity of the year in 2015 is the same as 2012 Bowel Cancer UK. In 2012 we raised over £10,000, our goal for 2015 is £15,000 but when are amazing staff really get behind a project who knows what we could achieve.

Numerous events will be planned throughout the year but if anyone would like to donate now they can do so on our just giving page.


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