What is the current position?

An application has been made to the High Court in relation to how to deal with the claims, and the Court has directed that a formal meeting take place between the plaintiffs’ representatives. This should be within the next 6 weeks or so and there will be a review hearing in December 2023. The Court has also indicated that it appreciates the need for anonymity for all plaintiffs.

What is the next step for me?

If you have registered with us, either directly or via the PFNI, we will shortly be sharing a questionnaire for you to set out exactly how you have been affected. For PFNI members this will be shared by the PFNI. For others, we will contact you directly. We would ask that you take some time to complete and return the questionnaire.

Can I still make a claim?

Yes, if you have not yet registered with us and would like us to act for you we will be happy to do so.

Please contact us via email at psnidatabreach@edwardsandcompany.co.uk, or by registering with the PFNI if you are a member.

How do I contact you if I have any queries?

If you have any queries from time to time, please contact us via email at psnidatabreach@edwardsandcompany.co.uk, or by calling our office and speaking to Philip Gordon, Reece Lockhart or Rachel Powderly.