If you receive a letter from a solicitor on behalf of your ex-partner seeking arrangements for contact, it will usually outline there must be a response within 14 days or some other time frame. This is particularly common when writing to someone who hasn’t already appointed a solicitor to encourage obtaining legal advice of their own.

You may wish to ignore the letter. However, it would be wise not to ignore letters from a solicitor as this can result in unnecessary Court Proceedings being issued which you then need to defend without a choice.

Instead, you should seek independent legal advice as soon as possible. It is a common misconception that a solicitor’s letter means that you must go to court.  Depending on your particular circumstances, an agreement could easily be reached in an amicable manner between solicitors without the need for Court Proceedings and a Court Order that you may be dissatisfied with.

If you have recently received correspondence from an ex-partner’s solicitor, make an appointment with a solicitor and take the letter with you.

At Edwards & Co we pride ourselves on our pragmatic approach to Children Order applications. During your first consultation with our Family Department, we will discuss the contents of the letter, the reality of the proposals for contact arrangements outlined in the letter, as well as your own proposals which may be different to those in the letter or indeed more child centred. You will also receive comprehensive advice on the merits of taking or defending a court contact application, the legal costs of any court application as well as a legal aid assessment.

If you would like to make an appointment to discuss any child contact matter, please contact our family department.