Trustees’ Week 2023 takes place on the second week of November.

The role of a trustee can be extremely rewarding but, it does carry with it significant responsibility. Charity trustees are stewards of the charity assets and each trustee has a collective duty to ensure that the charity is well run and delivering its charitable outcomes for the benefit of the public.

Trustees’ Week is a time to celebrate and recognise the valuable work of thousands of trustees across the voluntary sector.

There are approximately 8,000 registered charities in Northern Ireland and this week is an opportunity to celebrate and showcase the work of trustees.

Edwards & Co. Solicitors is the leading practice for charities and associated bodies in Northern Ireland ranked No 1 by Chambers UK for over 10 years with the only leading band 1 solicitor, Sarah Burrows.

We represent many charities in Northern Ireland and further afield covering issues such as annual reporting, authorising transactions, changing a charity’s governing document, consents for charitable companies, general governance, making payments to trustees, mergers and closures, new powers for unincorporated charities, requesting a scheme, registration, religious designation, schools and charity registration, inquiries and charity tribunal proceedings. The team deals with daily queries relating to public benefit, private benefit, submitting annual monitoring returns, applications for consents and trustee personal liability. We also advise in relation to specialised services such as trustee & board training, group restructures, trading subsidiaries, joint ventures, mergers, serious incident reporting, charity fraud matters, safeguarding and charity property.