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The last week or so has seen a number of positive developments in relation to buying and selling houses in Northern Ireland.

On Monday 8 June Land Registry began to accept new applications for registration again meaning that anyone who buys a property can now apply to have their ownership registered in the usual way. This is a vital part of the conveyancing process and the fact that applications can now be submitted for registration will raise confidence in completing transactions.

Also the Law Society issued a set of special conditions which can be attached to contracts of sale. These conditions set out procedures to follow in the event that the conveyancing transaction is in some way impacted by an event related to Coronavirus, for instance if one of the parties in the transaction has to self-isolate at the proposed completion date.

It was then announced that the housing market could re-open on Monday 15 June meaning that from that date people can view houses and physically move house. The Department of Communities has issued advice on the whole moving process addressing issues such as house viewings and surveys.

Although not everything in the conveyancing process has returned to normal these three developments within a short space of time are encouraging news for both solicitors and home buyers and sellers alike.

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