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Bronagh Mulgrew, Litigation solicitor

What’s your normal role in Edwards & Co.?
I’m a solicitor in the litigation department. I have a very interesting caseload and deal with the full range of civil litigation injury work, including road traffic accidents, accidents at work, serious injuries and medical negligence work.

Have you been able to keep working through lockdown?
I’m very grateful that I have been able to keep working though lockdown, thanks to our great support team at Edwards & Co. and a lot of innovation by ourselves and others. Day to day work has settled into a bit more of a rhythm than in the first couple of weeks and it still feels indulgent to have a lovely lunch at home in front of the TV.

How is your work different now?
It is very odd as a litigator not to have one eye on Court dates. Aside from that, now the vast majority of my communication is by email, whereas in the office a great part of my usual day is spent on the telephone or speaking to clients and others face to face. I am sure many others will agree that Zoom, Teams et al have been essential in this regard, whereas in my practice previously they would rarely if ever had a role to play.

What is Edwards & Co. doing (in your area of work) to make sure clients are still looked after?
We have been very actively trying to contact clients and assure them that we are still available and working. Undoubtedly technology has played a major role in ensuring clients can receive documentation, reports and draft pleadings and continue to communicate with us.

What’s the hardest part about the current restrictions?
Not being in the office with colleagues. Working remotely has been a real challenge, most of all because it means physically working alone when ordinarily the office is busy and in a usual week there would be consultations, hearings and meetings to attend out of the office. However, I think Edwards & Co. as a whole have worked hard at working together to maintain communication between members of staff, which keep us all focused on the bigger picture and life beyond lockdown.

Are there any benefits?
I think the most immediate benefit has been increasing the use of technology, particularly in an area of law which is often quite resistant to it. I think that will surely have a longer term impact on practice going forward. On a more flippant note, as anyone who has seen me on Zoom can confirm, I am taking home hair bleaching to new levels – hopefully if my hair hasn’t fallen out by the end of lock down, I’ll be platinum by the end of this!

What do you miss most? What are you looking forward to most when things get back to normal?
Like everyone else I speak to I suppose the simplest things that we take for granted will be the most welcome returns – being able to go out when you want without a reason and enjoying being with friends and family.

Contact Bronagh Mulgrew on: bronagh.mulgrew@edwardsandcompany.co.uk

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