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David McClurg, Practice Manager

What’s your normal role in Edwards & Co.?
As Practice Manager I wear many hats such as HR, Anti Money laundering Officer, Data Protection Officer, Quality Manger, Financial oversight and an advisory role in relation to Policing related issues such as pension (I also attend to janitorial duties on occasion such as blocked toilets).

Have you been able to keep working through lockdown?
Amazingly so, I did not believe that it would be possible to actually attend to every area of work but have found it to be fine. I do have to go into the office a couple of times in the week but only for as long as absolutely necessary to check post and liaise (socially distant) with the Finance Manager on important issues such as pay.

How is your work different now?
The work is not that much different but how I do it has changed immensely. With no staff calling in to the office to discuss matters, particularly my Friday morning coffee counselling sessions, I thought I would have more time, but the discovery of Zoom has meant an actual increase in the time spent in meetings.

What is Edwards & Co. doing (in your area of work) to make sure clients are still looked after?
I had been working a three day week (as I ease towards retirement) but now work 6 days (reduced hours) which ensures I can attend all staff meetings (by Zoom) and just stay on top of the business. With safe remote access thanks to the massive investment in IT, it is just like being alone in my office. The way in which the staff have risen to the challenge and are so willing to help in any way has made my job even easier.

What’s the hardest part about the current restrictions?
I am a people person and love social interaction so I really miss being with the wonderful staff.

Are there any benefits?
Time management is so much easier.

What do you miss most? I miss our staff so much, I miss the gym in the Merchant hotel and breakfast with the gym buddies especially Kellie, a coffee from the Dark Horse, the abuse from Stuart and updates on Willie Jacks’ entrepreneurial adventures.

What are you looking forward to most when things get back to normal?
I look forward to everyone being back and being appreciative of how the Company has cared for them and kept them safe during this difficult time, and to giving 100% to ensure that our clients present and future realise just how amazing Edwards & Co really is.

 Contact David McClurg on: info@edwardsandcompany.co.uk

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