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The Edwards & Co Charity of the Year is Bowel Cancer UK and they, like so many other Charities, are facing real difficulties with the cancellation of events such as the London Marathon which would have raised tens of thousands of pounds through sponsorship.

Despite the restrictions imposed on us all at the minute the Edwards & Co. Team are continuing to support the charity - the challenge is what we can do. This Sunday, when people would normally be watching or running the London Marathon, the Edwards & Co. team will unite remotely at 2.26pm to do 26 ‘somethings’. Here are just some of the events our ever-inventive staff have come up with:
- Walk 26,000 steps in 2 Hrs 60 minutes
- Run 2.6 miles
- Not shout at their children for 2.6 seconds
- Let their son take 26 penalty shots
- Baking 26 cupcakes and selling them to neighbours … and so much more!

We really need your help, please go to our just giving page and donate, we would love everyone to give at least £26 but if that is too much at the minute, £2.60 would be great (of course £260 would also be fine!).


Here is the reason we are doing it
Bowel cancer is Northern Ireland’s second biggest cancer killer. Around 1,100 men and women are diagnosed with bowel cancer every year in Northern Ireland, and 400 people die from the disease.

If diagnosed at the earliest stage, bowel cancer is highly treatable, with a survival rate of more than 93% over five years. However, poor awareness means that only 1 in 10 cases are detected at an early stage which often means it is too late to be treated.

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