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Often when a couple separates, one spouse has been contemplating the decision for sometime, and the other is entirely in the dark, or certainly not on the same page as their spouse.

For a spouse kept in the dark, it can often feel like so many decisions are being made around you, and that you have no say in what happens moving forward. Perhaps you are being asked to leave the family home, or your partner is insisting that the family home is put on the market for sale; perhaps your partner is dictating contact arrangements with the children without having an open discussion with you; or perhaps your partner has made significant financial decisions on behalf of both of you, without any prior discussion. It feels like your divorce is all on their terms.

At the beginning of any separation journey it is important to seek legal advice from an experienced family solicitor as soon as possible. Your initial consultation will help outline and explain that, although it may feel like some of these decisions are being made on your behalf; no final resolve can be made without your involvement. Your partner may want to immediately sell the family home, but they ultimately cannot do so without your agreement. You may want to explore your options of keeping the family home. Or perhaps you want to slow the whole process down. Whatever your circumstances, your divorce solicitor will talk you through your options and put a plan of action in place on how to move forward.
If you feel like decisions are being made for you and you don’t know where to begin, make an appointment with our experienced family lawyers Julie Tierney and Carla Fraser.


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