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Alastair Inglis served for nearly 15 years and was exposed to noise during training exercises and in combat zones. He left his employment with the Ministry of Defence due to concerns over sustaining further damage to his hearing. The MoD accepted that his hearing loss was as a result of negligent exposure to noise but argued that he left his employment voluntarily whilst still fit to carryout his duties. The High Court accepted the claimant’s assertion that he left due to hearing loss and to prevent further loss. The compensation was awarded in respect of his injury, loss of future earnings and future loss of pension. Lawyers for Mr Inglis say there is potential for similar claims from thousands more military personnel.

At Edwards & Co. we have unrivalled experience in bringing claims for noise induced hearing loss on behalf of security service personnel, police officers and industrial workers. We have obtained millions of pounds in compensation for thousands of clients. If you think you have been similarly affected please contact us.

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