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Welcome to series 5 of our Bitesize Myth Buster.

If you are facing divorce, we hope our bitesize blog will help alleviate some of the unnecessary worries you may have at an early stage and/or help you get to grips with the principles of divorce in Northern Ireland.

Co-habitation does not give you the same rights as being married

If couples chose to co-habit instead of getting married, if that relationship should end the co-habiting couple will not be entitled to the same rights and financial interests on separation as a married coupe on divorce.

A co-habiting couple need to prove the financial contribution they have made to an asset of the relationship, whether they own it legally or not. For example; one spouse will automatically be entitled to a percentage of the other’s pension, co-habiting partners will not unless they can in some way prove they have made direct payments towards their partner’s pension.