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If you have separated from your partner, or the mother or father of your child, our Bitesize Blog will help you get to grips with the legal jargon and in turn help you understand better the legal process you are going through.

Here we will explain, in plain language, the kind of terms you may come across as you and your partner resolve how to parent your child separately, whether this is through solicitors or with the help of the Court.


If you have been subjected to harassment, domestic violence or emotional, physical or sexual abuse, then you may be able to make an application to the Court for a Non Molestation Order.

A Non Molestation Order is a protection order, perhaps more commonly known as a restraining order, for protection from a related person. This can be someone to whom you were married or engaged, or a member of your family by blood, for example, siblings, parents or children. It can also be a person that you lived with or somebody that you have a child with.
If the Court believes your application is urgent and must be dealt with immediately, the Court has the power to make an emergency Order without any prior warning or notice to the related person. The police will serve this order on the related person the same day the order is made. The Court will also arrange a date for everyone to attend before the Court with their legal representatives for a review of the case.

A breach of a Non Molestation Order is a criminal offence and a person breaching a Non Molestation Order can be arrested by the police.