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A woman struck by a wayward drive from American Golfer Brooks Koepka has confirmed that she has lost the sight in her right eye. A scan has confirmed that she suffered a fracture to the eye socket and an explosion of the eyeball. She praised the golfer for coming over to her straight away and showing concern. However, she has criticised the organisers for failing to contact her to find out how she was. Significantly, she says there was no warning shouted by any course official that the ball was heading in her direction.

Organisers of spectator events have a duty of care towards both participants and attendees. They must ensure that the environment in which they operate is safe. This means having a sufficient number of marshals along a race route for example, or ensuring spectators are kept in a safe area. They should conduct a risk assessment before the event and make their best efforts to minimise all risk. More and more of us are taking part in one off physical challenges, regular meetups and organised social events in our spare time – there is an expectation that we will be safe when doing so.

If you have suffered an injury as a result of poor management of an event please contact our litigation department for advice and assistance.

You can read a full report of the incident on the BBC News website here.