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“…Remember that this date (25th May 2018) is the start and not the end of GDPR compliance. Organisations need to sustain their compliance processes over time – this is the best way to take people with you on your business journey.”

- Steve Wood, Deputy Commissioner for Policy at the ICO

In this current GDPR era, all businesses, including small and medium enterprises, must be conscious of their customers’ increased data protection expectations. We all want our clients and customers to have confidence in our ability to deliver our services. Having robust data protection policies and practices is now part and parcel of running a successful business. The ICO have called Your Data Matters a “collaborative public information campaign”. It aims to help members of the public understand why their data matters and how they can take back control. Equally, the ICO invites businesses to pledge their support to the campaign by signing a public register. This demonstrates a commitment to data protection and allows the business to use the ICO logo on their communication materials.

Edwards & Co. can guide you through the process of becoming GDPR compliant. We will tailor our services in line with the resources you have available. We offer everything from a full data protection audit and tailored suite of policies and documents to a simple review of your own drafted documentation. Contact Claire Wilson.

You can find more information on the Your Data Matters campaign and access the materials here>> 


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