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Amazingly the start of the World Cup coincided with the Edwards and Co charity event in aid of our Charity of the year the Alzheimer’s Society.

The average firm have a World Cup draw to engender some excitement around the office during the tournament.

The above average firm possibly allow staff to decorate their office/desk in their chosen team colours or as our Partner Michael May did, simply put Iceland bags round his office.

Then there is Edwards and Co who organise a Thursday lunch each week where the staff make food from their selected Countries. So last Thursday was a veritable Smorgasbord in the Boardroom (yes Sweden were there).


Egyptian red lentil soup with pitta bread
Bamboosa cake

Swedish meatballs with mashed potato and Allemansträtten cream sauce
Apple cake with custard
Lingonberry juice

Brazilian tropical fruit salad

Senegalese Hibiscus lemonade
Cinq Centimes

#notyouraveragelawfirm #Amazingteam

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