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Tomorrow is the day. M Day – Moving Day.

Stress is not over yet.

Our solicitor explained what happens on the day of completion. They will await the sale monies coming in from our purchasers and the mortgage advance from our lender. Once they have these monies in by electronic transfer they have to then pay of our current mortgage and also send our purchase monies to the developer’s solicitor for our purchase.

They are brutally honest when I ask when all that will happen and simply responds with “it will happen when it happens”. OCD wife doesn’t like that and I suppose like all of us wants certainty but the night before as we look around our bare yet stacked to the roof with boxes house, sleep doesn’t come easy. When will the purchase monies come in from the purchaser and how long will the funds take to be sent onwards? What happens if it all doesn’t happen where will that leave us?……it doesn’t bear thinking about and I ask the solicitor has there ever been situations where completions haven’t been effected? They state that in their 20 years experience it has only happened once but unlike our transactions the contracts were not signed until the morning of the completion date and in the event all was well that ended well. “Let me do the worrying and you get packing” they say!

We awake to the literal dawning of a new era for our family as the removal men arrive on time and are straight to their work. Within a short period of time they have half the contents of our house in the back of the van and I can see curtains twitching from the windows of certain nosey neighbours……who will they get as new neighbours?

A few members of the family are on hand to help out and to be honest if you are moving and are attempting that task on your own…think twice. The simplest things such as a coffee run or getting sandwiches in makes life easier as you are stressing and waiting for calls from you solicitors.

The phone rings at 11.00am……all funds are in from the purchaser AND our lender. Nearly there. They are sending the funds for the purchase and thanks be to God we are told the developer’s solicitors bank with the same bank so it should be quick and smooth.
11.30am….removal men are all packed up….we walk back into our house and the vacant space that looks forlorn from its family of 16 years leaving it behind….the pen marks on junior’s wall showing dates and heights….furniture marks on the carpet…..memories of happy and sad times come flooding back….a home being left behind.

Our solicitor told me not to forget when we shut the door behind us for the last time that in the end the house is bricks and mortar…the memories and the happiness are in your mind and heart…those will never leave you even though you have left the house. Never have truer word been spoken. We check the house one last time…..all trace of us save for those height marks have gone…..and with the close of the door and a turn of the key an chapter closes.

The phone rings again…….green for go…..developer solicitors have received the funds and now we can drop off the keys at our agents and collect our new house keys. We drive off in anticipation not looking back at our house…..only to go round the block and come back as we had forgotten to read the gas and electric meters. Doors locked again and this time for real we leave……no emotion as yet as the excitement of a brand new house overcomes us rather than sentiment.

Keys collected and the short five minutes drive to the new house is met with every red light. Eventually we arrive with the removal men with their feet up but ready for action. We get out and put the key in the lock and open the door……new house smell hits us…..My wife looks at me with a tear in her eye and smiles. This house completes us.


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