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Ken McDonald, Head of Regions for the Information Commissioner has spoken to Radio Ulster’s Inside Business programme following the implementation of powers of enforcement under the General Data Protection Regulation on 25th May 2018.

“Let’s get it right first.” – Ken McDonald, Head of regions for the ICO

In what will be welcome news to local SME’s he confirmed that currently the ICO is focussing on helping SME’s to comply rather than penalising them for breaches. He confirmed that the ICO’s dedicated small organisation helpline received over 60,000 calls in May alone. He was also keen to dispel many of the myths being put forward by the media regarding consent and marketing and stated that in his opinion if an organisation was compliant under the old data protection legislation it should be reasonably compliant with GDPR. Along with the other guests on the programme he described the steps organisations should take to bring them up to speed with the new legislation and with the public’s expectations for how their data should be processed. However, Mr McDonald was quick to emphasise that if breaches do occur his office will take the appropriate action, albeit in a proportionate manner.

Listeners were also encouraged to seek data protection advice from suitably qualified and knowledgeable experts. At Edwards & Co. we can advise and assist you with all your GDPR queries and concerns in a pragmatic and informed way.

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