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There are so many different social media outlets to choose from, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat to name but a few. In a matter of seconds we have the ability to post anything we want to our friends, family and, depending on your privacy settings, the entire World Wide Web. When posting anything to your social media platform of choice it is vitally important to consider how this could affect you in your separation or divorce. 

Stress between parents can often unnecessarily increase when one parent at home caring for the children views the other’s status update on a Friday or Saturday night out socialising with friends or perhaps their new partner.

More worryingly, any photos showing unsafe or inappropriate behaviour could be used against a parent applying to the Court for regular contact with their child.

Messages or emails sent in the heat of the moment could be relied upon by a spouse when filing for divorce on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour. Abusive messages could lead to one spouse seeking the protection of a Non Molestation Order against the other and an email or message could be considered a breach of such an Order resulting in prosecution before the Court.
A wealthy lifestyle exhibited online could suggest one spouse is wealthier than they claim to be when endeavouring to negotiate a financial split.

If you are faced with separation, think carefully before you post anything online or send any messages to your spouse and make sure to check your privacy settings on any social media provider you engage with.

If you are seeking advice on any matter pursuant to separation feel free to contact our Matrimonial Department directly.