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Edwards and Company recently settled a substantial personal injury case with compensation in excess of £500,000.

This was a difficult personal injury case brought against a former employer. The issues were complex and the issue of liability was less than straightforward. The involvement of multiple Defendants and a number of distinct strands to the case added further layers of complexity.

Thankfully, we were able to resolve the matter without our client having to go through ordeal of a what would have been a very difficult trial. Most importantly the case resolved with Edwards and Company having a very satisfied client who confirmed that he found the quality of the service provided to be excellent and who made specific reference to the service provided by Paul Lenehan when completing a Client Satisfaction Survey.

There can be no doubt how stressful and difficult any action can be for a client. At Edwards and Company we pride ourselves on taking a broader view on what constitutes success. A settlement in excess of £500,000 is certainly an excellent outcome. However, our gauge for success goes beyond the value of the claim. Quite simply having a happy client at the end of the process is all that matters. In this instance our client confirmed he would recommend Edwards and Company to and friend or colleague. That is about all we can ask for at the end of case and it makes our job at Edwards and Company so worthwhile.

If you have suffered personal injury as a result of the negligence or breach of duty of an employer please contact Paul Lenehan at Edwards and Company on 02890321863.