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 Many of us dream of having an alternative life, including me. I wanted to be a rock star. In the case of Dave Rowntree he decided to curtail his rock star life in order to follow his dream of becoming a lawyer! He currently practices as a Criminal Solicitor in Kingsley Napley. He has not however given up his rock star career, Blur having released an album this year and toured extensively. Conversations with his clients and colleagues after the summer would reveal a summer spent headlining Glastonbury or Hyde Park as opposed to a couple of weeks on a beach or a caravan. Given his role as a Criminal Solicitor it is not surprising that he is a vocal supporter of Legal Aid and has spoken publicly about the cost cutting being imposed by the Government. He was drawn to the law after spending a couple of weeks in the public gallery at The Old Bailey. “It mattered so much, people’s lives were on the line”. He also became involved in the Labour Party and saw his involvement with politics and law as being linked. “It was seeing who the clients were, the same people over and over. One man or one woman crime waves, who largely are drug addicts or who have mental health problems or who come from generations of crime. 99 % of these people have never had a chance”.

Despite his millionaire rock star lifestyle Dave Rowntree is still trying to make a difference like the vast majority of us who enter the law. I’ve shelved my dreams of being a rock star. For the time being at least!

Michael specialises in Criminal Law and should you require any advice he can be contacted at Edwards and Company Solicitors. Michael May


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