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Many people believe the only way you can be involved in decisions relating to a child's education, health and welfare is either as a parent or a step parent. Holding parental responsibility however the children (NI) order 1995 hides a less known about agreement whereby a parent, in certain circumstances, can delegate his/her parental responsibility for a child to a partner, family member or even a friend without the need for a court order.

Under article 5 of the 1995 Order a person with parental responsibility ( usually a mother, a married father, a father named in the child's birth certificate or a person with a parental responsibility order from the court) can delegate their parental responsibility to another person in special circumstances. 

At Edwards & Co
we have assisted a parent who has sought security in knowing that should anything happen to him and he is unable to mentally and/or physically be involved in decisions relating to the care of his child then his partner can step in and take his place in the decision making process.  This agreement is particularly useful for parents who work abroad throughout the year and whose child lives in Northern Ireland or indeed a parent travelling on holidays with his/her partner and children. 

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