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What is tinnitus?
Tinnitus is a condition which you can hear in your ear/s or in your head.

Some people find it hard to describe the symptoms or to explain where they feel the noise is coming from.

Tinnitus is frequently described as a ringing, whistling or buzzing noise.

The important fact about Tinnitus is that it does not emanate from any external sound or source.

Tinnitus sounds are formed within a person’s own hearing pathway.

Edwards and Co have a particular expertise in personal injury claims involving Hearing Loss and Tinnitus.

Over the last few years I have met many clients who suffer with Tinnitus. One of my clients told me that their tinnitus ”sounds like a radio being re- tuned”. Another client said “it sounds like the noise in a seashell  held up to your ear”.

I have noted first hand that a high percentage of people are not aware of the support and treatment available to help anyone suffering with Tinnitus. Treatment options can include counselling, Tinnitus Retraining Therapy and using hearing aids.

Raising awareness about Tinnitus is crucial as  1 in 10 people are affected by it on a daily basis.

Please visit  Action on Hearing Loss, who can provide you with detailed information on this condition. 

Check out our  short interview I conducted with the Tinnitus Adviser at AOHL in an attempt to learn more about Tinnitus

If you are experiencing Tinnitus and you have been exposed to noise in your current or former employment please email me – maura.ruoppolo@edwardsandcompany.co.uk – to discuss whether you could have a potential claim arising from noise exposure.

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