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There is a common perception that hearing loss cases are generally associated with having worked in heavy industries such as ship building and mining.  Exposure to excessive noise can however occur in other industries such as telecommunications and there have been many claims brought for hearing loss and tinnitus on behalf of employees and former employees of British Telecom. 

BT have admitted that certain equipment used by many of their workers emitted excessively high levels of noise that could potentially damage hearing.  The tone sets in question were used in the 1970s and 1980s in the installation and maintenance of telephone lines in BT’s own networks.  They contained devices known as oscillators and amplifiers which through the transmission of a constant sound via a set of headphones assisted Engineers in determining if there was a fault with the phone line.  The oscillators came in different classifications that produced separate tones.  There is now an acceptance by BT that those workers using the green or unmodified yellow oscillators may have been exposed to excessive levels of noise which could potentially have had a negative impact upon their hearing. 

Whilst the tones sets appear to be the most common cause of hearing loss with BT workers other causes may include:

1. Issues from being around pole erection units.
2. Problems from working in noisy Strowger or Director telephone  exchanges.
3.  Working with mole ploughs.

At Edwards and Company we have settled hundreds of hearing loss claims. If you have worked in the telecommunications industry and feel that you have experienced hearing loss and/or tinnitus you may be entitled to compensation.  If you would like to discuss a potential claim please contact either Joanne Kerr or Paula Savage at Edwards and Company Solicitors.

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