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Are you currently a serving member of the Northern Ireland Prison Service ( NIPS) or have you served in the past?

Prison service officers do not carry firearms/ weapons when carrying out their normal duties. However, owing to the potential risk posed to them by serving in Northern Ireland a significant number of prison officers have been trained on the use of firearms and issued with a personal protection weapon(PPW).

Does any of the following apply to you:-

1)    Have you undertaken weapons training without proper ear protection?
2)    Are you suffering with hearing loss?
3)    Have you noticed any noises in your ears eg hissing, buzzing,whining etc? You may be suffering with Tinnitus – a complaint often linked to hearing loss.

Being exposed to noise from the discharge of weapons/ firearms without adequate ear protection commonly causes damage to the ears and hearing loss results.

At Edwards and Co we have acted on behalf of prison officers in relation to their claims for noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus. We have successfully obtained compensation for these clients.

If you would like to discuss a potential claim please contact Maura Ruoppolo on 02890321863 or by email on maura.ruoppolo@edwardsandcompany.co.uk.


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