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 The parties in the ongoing case against the Volkswagen Group (VW) in Northern Ireland are awaiting the outcome of the similar litigation in England.  In March 2020, the High Court in England and Wales handed down judgement in the preliminary issues trial that took place and found against VW on the issue of the installation of “defeat devices”.  Although this was an important step towards concluding the claim, it was not the end of the litigation and the case is expected to be heard in full in early 2023.  Issues yet to be determined include the potential liability of VW for deceit and what compensation, if any, is to be paid to the claimants.


As previously reported we have stayed the action in Northern Ireland pending the outcome of that in England.  Once the English case has been resolved, the case in Northern Ireland will proceed.  Further updates will be provided as and when there is further news of what is happening in England.

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