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The health minister has issued a third recall of Dr Watt patients.  It has been revealed that the recalls to date have shown that 20% of Dr Watt’s patients were incorrectly diagnosed.  More than 200 other patients are now going to be reviewed by neurologists from outside the Belfast Trust, who will examine those recalled to test their diagnosis and review their medication. 

There is no “typical” recall patient.  The impact of neurological misdiagnosis can be complex and diffuse.  We act for a number of patients of Dr Watt who have been misdiagnosed and have found our clients have been wrongly diagnosed with a range of different conditions or inappropriately treated for conditions they did have.  

The Public Inquiry in to Dr Watt is yet to commence.  This Inquiry will run alongside clinical negligence actions.  Patients who have been wrongly diagnosed are not obliged to wait for the Inquiry to publish its findings before taking legal action.  Indeed, as all clinical negligence actions are subject to a three year statute of limitation, delaying seeking advice may mean that a patient is unable to seek legal redress at a later date.   

The Belfast Trust may yet establish a scheme to compensate patients misdiagnosed by Dr Watt, but that this has not yet happened and would be unlikely to happen before the conclusion of the Inquiry.   

If you have recalled as part of the neurology review and would like to discuss your options for legal redress, please contact Bronagh Mulgrew of this office on 028 9032 1863 or email bronagh.mulgrew@edwardsandcompany.co.uk. 

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