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The Belfast Trust have announced a?review?in to the treatment received by over 750 women.

The women had all been fitted with a frequently used contraceptive implant. Towards the end of 2020 it became apparent the device had failed for a number of women, who had found themselves pregnant. 


Details of the review are yet to be clarified. The Belfast Trust has advised that the women affected will be contacted within 48 hours and called for review.? It is understood the Trust has apologised to the women who had the implant fitted incorrectly. 


A failure to fit the contraceptive implant correctly could give rise to an action for clinical negligence.? This process would be separate to any review carried out by the Trust. Contraceptive failure can obviously lead to serious and potentially life changing circumstances.? 


If you have been included in this review and need advice on the legal position, contact Bronagh Mulgrew of our clinical negligence team for confidential advice on 028 9032 1863 or by email on Bronagh.mulgrew@edwardsandcompany.co.uk.

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