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InvestNI has developed an EU Exit Resilience Tool for its customers which is designed to enable businesses to ascertain their strengths and vulnerabilities and what actions they may need to take following the UK’s exit from the EU.

The tool will allow business owners to score business readiness against the areas most likely to be impacted by our exit after the transition period and will help in understanding your business’ current and future needs, create contingency plans and take key actions to prepare for the future.

The tool will ask 28 questions split across the following seven areas:

·        Business strategy

·        Operations

·        Innovation

·        Sales and marketing

·        Finance

·        People and management

·        Legal and regulatory

Once the tool has been completed a personalised report will be provided to help in assessing your current business position, evaluate your performance in each area and identify key actions you could take and support you can access from Invest NI.

Businesses that are not customers of InvestNI may still qualify for support provided certain criteria is met which includes current turnover, volume of sales outside of Northern Ireland and growth potential.

If you have any queries please contact Sarah Burrows.


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