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The SORP of Statement of Recommended Practice is under review and there are a number of specialist groups reviewing aspects of the SORP. If your charity prepares accounts on an accruals basis you must apply the Charities SORP.

To help the SORP Committee to seek view on the current SORP there are several Engagement Strands. The Trustee Engagement Strand has prepared a short survey and would like as many trustees as possible to respond which will help to gather the thoughts and experiences of trustees when applying Charites SORP and help the members of the Trustee Engagement Strand to understand where there are issue with the current SORP.

You can find the survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/93T2K76

Please pass the survey on to other charity trustees and charity boards so that a wide range of views are obtained.

Please contact Jenny Ebbage if you have any queries.


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