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Our relationship with the charity Bowel Cancer UK began when our Senior Partner’s close friend, Rosi Kirker was diagnosed with the disease. Rosie fought a tremendous battle and during her illness decided to raise funds to prevent others suffering her fate. Tragically Rosi died, just 20 months after her diagnosis, in 2011.

At that time BCUK had no presence in NI and Rosi had insisted that any money raised in NI would be spent here.


As a result of the work she began, and the fundraising efforts of our firm and other great supporters in NI, today there are two fulltime members of staff working for BCUK in NI to raise awareness, lobby Stormont and prevent unnecessary deaths. 


If diagnosed at the earliest stage, bowel cancer is highly treatable, with a survival rate of more than 95% over five years. However, poor awareness means that only 1 in 10 cases are detected at an early stage which often means it is too late to be treated.


However, due to COVID-19 that is all set to change as fund raising by the charity has fallen by over 40% and the charity faces the prospect of redundancies. Rosi did not allow bowel cancer to prevent her fundraising and Edwards & Co will certainly not let COVID-19 prevent us.



This year the Walk together event that was one of the biggest sources of fundraising last year will not take place, but Edwards & Co will manage our own socially distanced walk together on Friday 25th September. That is the easy bit, the fund raising is the hard part. We will be launching our appeal and seeking all the support we can, so please watch out for that. In the meantime you can donate to https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/edwards-co3

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